Upholstery Cleaning Services

Eliminate musty mildew smells & leaves your furniture as good as new

upholstery cleaning If your beloved couch is beginning to have a mildew-type smell, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Consider upholstery cleaning to give a fresh lift to your furniture, and leave it smelling fresh as new. After all, furniture is the centerpiece of your rooms, showcasing your style in form and function. Since you see your furniture every day, year after year, it can become virtually invisible to you – and you may not notice that it could use some attention. Pet stains, kids’ accidents…they all take a toll over time. But you can still turn back the clock!

Since 1986, Whitehall Carpet Cleaners and Restoration has been the upholstery cleaning service our customers know and trust. Our professional technicians are trained in the care of almost any fabric you can think of, even the most delicate. We clean every nook, crevice, and fold with a thoroughness that will impress you. The result is a piece of furniture that looks, and smells, as good as new.

When to Consider Upholstery Cleaning

There may be several reasons for you to consider upholstery cleaning, including:

Whatever your reason is to consider upholstery cleaning, Whitehall Carpet Cleaners and Restoration has the solution for you.

Is Upholstery Cleaning Necessary?

Just because your furniture doesn’t look dirty doesn’t mean it is clean. Well below the surface there can be dirt, grime, dust mites, and even germs present. Some of the germs, like mold and mildew, are allergens. These create an unpleasant, unsafe environment for many, especially for those with any type of respiratory problems.

Upholstery Cleaning Without the Fuss

upholstery cleaningAt Whitehall Carpet Cleaners and Restoration, we want you to be more than happy after you get your furniture’s upholstery cleaned. That’s why we always offer a free estimate and will gladly have one of our trained professional upholstery cleaners speak with you. After giving you all your upholstery cleaning options, they will happily and patiently answer any questions you may have.

Don’t live with unsightly furniture! Even if your furniture looks okay, you shouldn’t wait for it to smell funny or look shabby. Let the professionals at Whitehall Carpet Cleaners and Restoration address your upholstery cleaning needs and leave you with furniture that looks as beautiful as the day you brought it home.

Make an appointment or call 803-732-3200 now and we will be happy to schedule your upholstery cleaning appointment at your convenience.