• 3 Benefits of Getting Your Home Pressure Washed

    Why you’ve never thought of pressure washing your home, but you should.

    It’s spring! Almost summer. Time to start working on some of those outdoor home improvement projects. What’s on your list? Is the exterior of your house looking a little shabby? Might be time to consider a new coat of paint. But that’s an investment! If you haven’t already considered it, take a look at getting your home pressure washed.
    3 Benefits of Getting Your Home Pressure Washed
    Here are 3 benefits:

    1. Get a Fresh Look without a New Paint Job

    Most people think of pressure washes for their cars, but there are so many home uses. Number one is your home exterior. Because there are different pressure settings available on professional pressure washers, they can wash your home without damaging the paint. Professional pressure washing will clean the exterior and make it look like new. It might even make you consider postponing that expensive paint job.

    2. Get Outside Spaces Spick and Span

    Patios, decks, pavers, and gazebos are just a few of the outdoor places professional power washing can spruce up. With the right pressure, all of the things that make your backyard a second living space can be cleaned to remove dirt, debris, and even mold and mildew. Make them look like new with a little power cleaning.

    3. A Little Maintenance Up Top

    Don’t forget about your roof and your gutters. Power washing can clear out your gutters before the rainy season to make sure water keeps moving in the right direction without blocks or backups, and to help prevent overflows and leaks. Gentle pressure washing can also clean your roof, no matter the material. Clear off any debris and dirt from fall and winter and make your house look bright and clean before summer.

    These are at least three reasons to consider professional power washing on your house this spring and summer. Take a look at what Whitehall Carpet Cleaners can do to spiff up your curb appeal.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, May 21, 2014
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