• 3 Benefits of Polishing Your Hardwood Floors

    Why you should polish your hardwood floors.

    Hardwood floors are a beautiful part of your home. They not only are a warm and comfortable surface for living on, but they also become part of the decor. But dirt, dust, and foot traffic can take a toll on the finish of your beautiful floors. Polishing them can help. Here are 3 benefits of polishing your hardwood floors.
    3 Benefits of Polishing Your Hardwood Floors
    1. Renews Sheen

    When dirt and dust start to break down the finish, polishing your hardwood floors can help restore them. The right polish will fill the scratches already on your floor and help make it even. Once applied and dry, hardwood floor polish will renew the sheen to your floor, bringing back the like-new shine and luster.

    2. Scratch and Scuff Resistant

    Most flooring takes a beating. After all, we spend all our time walking and running and playing on it. And in a busy home, that can be a lot of wear and tear. Polishing your hardwood floors can help make them scratch and scuff resistant. The polish creates a barrier between the flooring and the feet, helping fend off pesky scratches, gouges, and scuffs.

    3. Extends Life

    Polishing your hardwood floors not only makes them shiny and scratch resistant, but it also extends the life of your hardwood. Regular maintenance will keep the flooring from dirt and dust buildup that can compromise the floor surface, and regular hardwood floor polishing will protect the wood from all the wear and tear put on it over the course of its life.

    When your hardwood floor looks less than lovely, take a minute and contact Whitehall Carpet Cleaners. Our professionals can get you scheduled and start you on the path to polishing your hardwood floors regularly and bring them back to their original shine.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, March 12, 2014
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