• 3 Methods to Try to Get a Stain Out of Your Mattress

    Extend the life of your mattress by learning about stain removal.

    3 Methods to Try to Get a Stain Out of Your Mattress
    Mattresses endure a surprising amount of wear and tear. The body naturally produces oils and sweat on a regular basis. A lot depends on the condition of your mattress, such as the quality of sleep it provides. Mattresses are long-term investments that typically get replaced every 5-7 years, and regular cleaning is critical in extending the life of your mattress.

    Stains may be superficial, but if they aren’t immediately removed, they can compromise the material of you mattress. Professional cleaners are equipped to deal with a variety of stains, whether they are surface deep or more serious.

    1. Act quickly! Most stains can be reduced if you don’t let them set. Analyze and identify the stain as soon as possible. This will help you determine the best approach for eliminating it. Upholstery cleaners can be very effective for dark stains, but if you don’t know the substance that’s affecting your mattress, it might be best to go with a generic detergent. Bloodstains typically respond to hydrogen peroxide.
    2. Is odor an issue? Depending on the source of your mattress stain, odor might be a significant factor in the cleaning process. Some cleaning solutions are not suitable for mattress application; you should always choose a product that smells fresh and clean.
    3. Blot, don’t scrub. Mattress upholstery and fabrics in general are very sensitive. If you apply pressure to vigorously, you may do more damage to the surface.

    Professional cleaners will have more insight into specific stain removal and can provide an assessment upon request. For more information about these and other services, visit our website!

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, September 04, 2013
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