• 3 Methods to Reclaim Your Kitchen Tile

    Kitchen tile turned ugly?

    3 Methods to Reclaim Your Kitchen Tile
    Having kitchen tile is one of the best ways to keep your home clean and comfortable. To keep up the beauty of your decor you must ensure tile cleaning is done on a schedule. Dirty tiles attract germs and make your home untidy.

    Here are three methods to keep them sparkling:

    Tile Buffing

    If you notice that your tiles have a dull cast no matter how many times you mop, or scrub them, chances are that they need to be buffed. You can call for a quote from Whitehall Carpet’s tile cleaning team. More likely than as not, we will have solution for making your tiles shine again!

    Grout cleaning

    Tile cleaning also includes grout mold removal. Grout is the white substance that is places between tiles when they are placed on the floor. After a while you will notice that they turn a dirty grey or black. This dirt build-up or mold causes the most beautiful tiles to look ugly. We have special tile cleaning solutions that dissolve grime build-up and make grout lines look good as new!

    Cracked tiles

    Cracked tiles cause other tiles to become dirty. This happens because the cracks loosen the thin set which holds the tiles onto the floor and allow dirt to become trapped under them. Remove and replace all cracked tiles with any extra tiles you had from the original tile job.

    Just click for a tile cleaning appointment now, and you’ll love how your floors look when we’re done.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, July 24, 2013
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