• 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Clean Your Car Upholstery

    What to do if your car upholstery has seen better days?

    Our cars are like our second homes. We eat in them, sometimes even sleep in them! Car interiors take a lot of abuse – food and drink spills, dirty shoes, smelly gym clothes, you name it! Maintenance is important to extend the life of your car upholstery. It’s much easier to take preventative measures than eventually have to replace seat covers or floor mats.
    3 Quick and Easy Ways to Clean Your Car Upholstery
    1. Invest in a portable vacuum. Heavy duty vacuuming is great for accumulated mess, but having a quick solution to spills that happen on the go can help eliminate that problem to begin with. Crumbs, dirt, and general debris make the interior of your car look dirty and neglected. Car vacuums are an easy, cost-effective way to minimize the mess in between regular cleanings.
    2. Minimize odor. Cars are small, enclosed spaces that tend to be exposed to heat on a regular basis. This means that they can be a breeding ground for smells that are hard to get rid of. If you notice your car is retaining its funk more persistently than usual, get an air freshener and start rolling down your windows to allow more fresh air in.
    3. Keep upholstery cleaner in your car. Having access to an all purpose cleaning solution will make it easy to take action in the event of a spill or new stain. Letting stains set is generally a mistake as it lets the substance seep into the carpet or seat fabric and makes it harder to remove.

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    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, September 18, 2013
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