• 3 Reasons to Get Your Carpets Cleaned Before the Holidays

    Why the holidays call for clean carpets.

    Walking in a winter wonderland? Hearing sleigh bells ring? The weather outside frightful? The holidays are coming, and it’s time to think about getting your carpets cleaned.

    3 Reasons to Get Your Carpets Cleaned Before the Holidays 1. Traffic

    With all the in-and-out of holiday preparations, followed by holiday guests, dinners, parties and happenings, indoor traffic is at a high. And in with the shoes comes the dirt and grime from the holiday weather. What they walk through outside generally comes with them inside. Getting the carpets cleaned pre-holiday can help you stay ahead of the dirt.

    2. Appearance

    The holidays mean it’s time to show off your home. A dirty carpet can be a show-stopper. Don’t let a dirty carpet detract from the warmth of your home, your holiday decorations, and the people around you. Including clean carpets on your holiday cleaning list is one of the easiest steps to ensure your holiday entertaining plans go off without a hitch!

    3. Contact

    When do you come in contact with your carpet more than at the holidays? Everyone sits or lies on the floor to open presents or gather around to watch movies, or just to be near to each other. Get your carpets cleaned before your loved ones lay down on them!

    Need to find a professional to take the carpet cleaning off your to-do list? Make your appointment today.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, November 06, 2013
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