• 3 Ways Professional Floor Cleaners Help Healthcare Facilities Meet Regulations

    Why keeping carpets clean in health care facilities is important.

     Carpet is becoming more popular as a flooring choice in healthcare facilities. It absorbs sound in hallways, common areas, waiting rooms and doctors’ offices in addition to being comfortable and adding to the design element. To prolong the life of the carpeting and to ensure it maintains its appearance, regular cleaning is important. Regular cleaning is also important to meeting healthcare regulations.

    Here are three ways professional floor cleaners help:

    1. Maintenance Plan

    Healthcare facilities have maintenance plans and these include the maintenance of the flooring, including the carpeted areas. These maintenance plans outline the regularity of required professional carpet cleaning. Healthcare facilities generally require the area be cleaned with a minimal amount of aerosols and with products that leave little or no residue.

    2. Wet Carpet

    Wet carpet must be dried within 72 hours to prevent the growth of fungi. Professional carpet cleaners can clean and dry affected areas as soon as possible to meet the required window before the carpet would need to be replaced.

    3. Spots and Spills

    In healthcare environments, the chance of blood or bodily fluids reaching the floor is high. When it happens on carpet, the spill must be spot cleaned immediately. Carpet tiles can be removed until they can be professionally cleaned to eliminate all of the spill.

    Professional carpet cleaning is important in any public place or business, but it is vital in a healthcare facility. In order to meet regulations and to ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of the patients and visitors to the facility, it must be done on a regular schedule.

    For an estimate on professional carpet cleaning for your healthcare facility, contact Whitehall Carpet Cleaning today online or by phone at 803-732-3200.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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