• 3 Ways That Pressure Washing Can Make Your Home Look New

    Pressure washing isn’t just for driveways anymore.

    The bright summer sun can cast a harsh reality on our homes and the state of their exteriors. Businesses use pressure washing to make their exteriors look great for customers – why should your home be any different? It can really boost your curb appeal.Pressure Washing your Home

    Here are 3 ways pressure washing can make your home look like new:

    1. Clearing Away Dingy Paint & Dusty Siding

    The paint that looked great during the winter is suddenly a little dingy, the siding looking a little less than lustrous. Pressure washing can bring back the shine. With the proper setting, pressure washing will clean the exterior of your home, washing away all of the dirt and grime without damaging your paint or siding. It can save you a ton versus repainting the house completely.

    2. Making the Driveway Welcoming

    When your driveway is clogged with dirt, dead leaves, and debris from multiple seasons of wear and tear, pressure washing can revive it. A clean driveway is a warm welcome to you when you come home and to your guests as they arrive.

    3. Patios and Decks Need Love Too

    Shine up the patio or the deck this summer with pressure washing. Even soft wood can be pressure washed with the right setting to clean it up and get it looking like new. Patios made of rock or concrete need attention, too, to get rid of the dirt and make them look inviting.

    Pressure washing isn’t just for businesses and driveways. There are a number of ways to make your home look like new with a little pressure washing. Want to give it a try? Contact Whitehall Carpet Cleaners for top-notch pressure washing for your home.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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