• 3 Ways to Prevent Water from Damaging Your Home

    Can I do anything to keep water damage from ruining my house?

    Water damage

    Nothing can take the fun out of summer like water damage. It can really do a number on your home, causing costly damage if left untreated. But there are ways to nip it in the bud. Here are 3 of them:

    Water Extraction ASAP

    The best way to avoid extensive water damage, if you have a leak or a flood, is to get the water out. Fast. Water extraction by a professional, as soon as you notice the leak, is top priority when you want to stop the damage. Using professional extraction equipment, a certified technician can remove the water and set up drying equipment to be sure all of the water and moisture have been taken care of to avoid damage, including mold.

    Deodorizing Is Key

    Have you ever been in a home with water damage? It can smell really bad. The key to avoiding this is with proper deodorizing after the water extraction. Any areas that got wet will need to be treated properly to prevent that mildew smell from taking over.

    Sanitizing to Prevent Mold

    One of the biggest concerns with water damage is mold. It can start growing in less than 24 hours, so timing is crucial. Once the water is extracted, it’s important to sanitize any area affected by the leak or the flood to help prevent mold growth and to prevent bacteria from spreading.

    Water damage in your home can be devastating. If you notice the leak early, quick action by the right professional can make all the difference in how much damage is actually done. You can trust the experts at Whitehall Carpet Cleaning to help you fight water damage by contacting them at 803-732-3200 or by clicking here.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, August 12, 2015
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