• 5 Ways to Remove That Cigarette Smell From Your Car

    How to live with a car that used to belong to a cigarette smoker.

    Buying a pre-owned car? Inheriting one from a relative? Cleaning an old one out to make it feel like new? However you got your car, if it comes with a cigarette smell, you’ll probably do anything to get rid of that stink. It’s a tough job, because cigarette smoke is pervasive and stubborn. But it can be done.
    No more cigarette smoke smell
    Here are 5 ways to remove the smell of cigarettes from your car:

    #1: Get Rid of the Evidence

    Go through your car, top to bottom, and get rid of anything related to cigarettes. Empty the ashtray, throw out any cigarette boxes or empty packs, and get rid of any trash or extraneous stuff that could be retaining the smell.

    #2: Clean the Mats

    Pull out the floor mats and vacuum them thoroughly. Smoke is made up of tiny particles that stick to fabrics, fibers, and the interior of your car. A good vacuum goes a long way toward pulling up that smelly smoke residue. Once they’ve been vacuumed, use a good carpet cleaner to clean the carpet on the mats.

    #3: The Nooks and Crannies

    Vacuum the rest of your car while the mats are out. Don’t forget the vents, the dashboard, the cup holders, and the door openers.

    #4: Cleaning and Upholstery

    The next step to getting rid of the cigarette smell from your car is to clean. Not only the hard surfaces, but also the upholstery and the floors. Use a carpet cleaner on the floors and a good upholstery cleaner on the seats.

    #5: Hire a Professional

    The truth is that cigarette smells often linger in cars unless the fabric and carpet is thoroughly treated and cleaned professionally. You can save a lot of time and effort by having an expert help you get your car smelling good.

    If you want to get rid of that pesky cigarette smell in your car, don’t wait. Contact Whitehall Carpet Cleaners today.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, October 29, 2014
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