• Burns, Tears, and Other Carpet Mishaps That Can Be Repaired

    The question of the day: Repair worn carpet or replace it?

    Poor carpet; everyone really walks all over it. But seriously, carpet really takes the brunt of the wear and tear in your home. Because it’s the main surface in your home where people walk and live, it can get torn and worn and pulled and burned and frayed. So, can it be repaired, or are you looking at expensive replacement?

    Carpet Mishaps for Repair

    Here’s what to do.


    You don’t have to be a smoker to get burns on your carpet. Candles, fires, hot cooking tools, even curling and straightening irons can all leave burn marks. It seems like something you might have to live with until you replace the carpet, but the truth is it can be repaired. A professional can repair your carpet, leaving it as good as new with no sign of a burn, and for a fraction of the cost of new carpet.


    Torn carpet isn’t just aesthetically disappointing – it’s also a tripping hazard. Instead of rearranging your furniture to cover it, get it repaired. There’s no point replacing an entire room of carpet for one tear, or even several tears. Unless the carpet has an unusual amount of damage, having it fixed is significantly less expensive, and won’t turn your house upside down.

    Ripples or Bumps

    Over time, carpets can stretch and move over the top of the floor, causing ripples or bumps. This is not how you want your house to look, plus if the bumps are big enough they’re likely to cause tripping. Carpet stretching is a great alternative to carpet replacement, and leaves your carpet smooth and bump-free.

    If you’re not ready to invest a lot of money in new carpet, but you’d like to make yours look like new, consider repair and stretching to get out the tears, burns, and bumps. Call Whitehall Carpet Cleaning today at 803-732-3200 for a free carpet repair and stretching estimate.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, November 19, 2014
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