• Can You Prevent Grout Discoloration?

    Dealing with grout discoloration is the first step to preventing more.

    Grout is a wondrous thing. Not only does it look nice and enhance the beauty of tile flooring, but it’s also functional as well. It helps keep tiles in place and keep dirt and debris from working their way under the tiles. But if you have light-colored grout, it can be a tough job to keep it clean and retain its original color. Grout discoloration is pretty common, but the good news is that it can be prevented with the right sealant.
    Preventing Grout Discoloration
    Here are some steps you need to take on the road to preventing grout discoloration:

    Clean the Grout

    Before you put discoloration-preventing sealant on your grout, you have to prep it, and the first step is to get it as clean as possible. Start with sweeping and vacuuming up all of the dirt and loose debris. Next, you need to really scrub it. Using a gallon of water with two cups of bleach added, scrub the grout with a stiff brush. Most grout lines are narrow, so the best tool is a toothbrush. You need to really scrub hard and get into all of the crevices to get your grout back to its original color.

    Rinse and Dry

    Once the grout is scrubbed and the color is back to normal, be sure to thoroughly rinse the bleach solution off your tile floor. You’ll need to let the grout dry for 24 hours before sealing it.

    Seal It Up

    Applying grout sealer is the final step. Spray it on or wipe it on to cover all of the grout.

    If you ever finish all of this scrubbing and rinsing and sealing, you might want to take a step back and consider an alternative. Professional cleaners can steam clean your tile and grout and get it looking like new without you wearing away your fingerprints with bleach and tiny scrub brushes.

    So when you’re ready for clean grout without that pesky discoloration, contact Whitehall Carpet Cleaners at 803.732.3200 for the cleanest grout and tile without all the elbow grease.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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