• Caring for Your Hardwood Floors in the Harsh Winter Months

    hardwood floors

    Did you know that Whitehall Carpet Cleaners’ can clean hardwood floors?

    Not many people know that some carpet cleaning companies can also clean hard wood floors. While the technique of cleaning a hardwood floors is different from cleaning carpets, it is an important part of keeping your home clean.

    Why clean them in the winter? Snow, dirt, rocks and pebbles will attach themselves to your boot treads. Once these are deposited on your floor any foot traffic will cause them to be abrasive and dig into the wood. Water from melting snow will ruin the finish and leave a cloudy residue that is hard if not impossible to remove. The presence of these elements can also be spread to other areas of your home making it harder for you to keep it clean.

    Whitehall Carpet Cleaners is a professional company that understands it is most important to know what works and what doesn’t when harsh winter weather enters your home .We will make sure your floor has received proper treatment as different hardwood floors have different finishes and each one needs to be cared for in the right way. If you attempt to clean them and make a mistake you could ruin your expensive investment.

    It is a myth that your hardwood floors are indestructible. While the wood itself is very durable, it’s the finish that needs tender care. The stain and finish are applied over the wood and are easily abused. If taken care of properly your hardwood floors will give you many years of beauty.

    Contact Whitehall Carpet Cleaners to make an appointment to get your hardwood floors cleaned.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, February 27, 2013
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