• Coping with Water Damage in Five Points, SC


    When water damage occurs to you in five Points, SC you have to cope accordingly and act fast.

    Water damage can happen to anyone at any time and when it happens to you in your Five Points, SC home or business you will find yourself dealing with a mess of epic proportions. The first thing to do is stay calm and cope with the situation as best you can. Staying level headed when water damage hits is vital as you must act fast in order to get things back to a state of normalcy as quickly as possible.

    First, you need to assess what caused the water damage to your Five Points, SC home or business. It could be a number of factors including:

    • Broken pipes
    • Flood waters from inclement weather
    • Appliances that are leaking

    Once you identify the source, make sure the appropriate action is taken to stop any further water damage. In the case of broken pipes or leaking appliances, you might have to cut off the water source to the building.

    Most importantly, you will need to call in an expert water extraction specialist. This kind of specialist will not only remove all the water from your Five Points, SC home or business, but they will also ensure no mold or permanent damage is left behind.

    Water damage is never fun to deal with, but when it happens you have to maintain a level head. Acting fast, and acting with a clear mind when water damage happens can mean the difference between total recovery and total devastation.

    For more information on how to handle water damage when it occurs to you in your Five Points, SC home or business, call Whitehall Cleaners at 803.732.3200 today.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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