• Cost Comparison: Getting Your Carpets Cleaned & Stretched vs. Replaced

    How to decide between replacing your carpets or cleaning and stretching your existing carpet.

     Carpet is a warm and comfortable flooring choice. It cushions your feet and creates a soft accent to your decor. It’s also durable and comes in a seemingly infinite array of colors, textures and patterns. In most homes, the carpet gets the brunt of the wear and tear, so over time it gets dirty and can sometimes wrinkle and bulge. When it does get to that point you’re faced with a decision: spend the money on new carpet or repair your existing carpet.

    Cost Comparison: Getting Your Carpets Cleaned & Stretched vs. Replaced
    How do you decide? Cost is often the biggest factor. Here’s a cost comparison to help you decide between getting your carpets cleaned and stretched or replaced.

    New Carpet Cost

    The average cost of new carpet, though it varies by area and carpet choice, is between $20 and $30 per square yard. That is an average price for medium quality carpet. For higher quality carpet, the price per square yard goes up. At $20 per square yard, it would cost $1,500 for a 15’x15’ room. Most people include more than one room when they invest in new carpet, and it’s likely you would want to upgrade to higher quality carpeting for your home, which means $1,500 is probably the minimum price you would spend on new carpet.

    Carpet Stretching Cost

    Compared to the cost of a new carpet, getting your carpet stretched is a whole different ball game. The average cost for a professional carpet specialist to stretch a carpet and remove wrinkles and bulges is around $125 per room. That’s saving you over $1,000 a room!

    Carpet Cleaning Cost

    Carpet cleaning is just as good a deal. Though cost varies by company and location, the average cost to have your carpets professionally cleaned is between $150 and $250 for your whole house. The size of your home and the number of rooms with carpet affect the cost, of course, but that is the average cost for the average size home.

    Ready to call in a professional to stretch and clean your carpet instead of spending thousands of dollars to replace it? Contact Whitehall Carpet Cleaning today for a free estimate.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, June 18, 2014
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