• Different Approaches to Cleaner Carpet: 3 New Tricks You May Not Know

    Want to learn the tricks of the trade from the carpet cleaning pros?

    Most people have carpet in their homes, and with carpet comes spills and stains. There are some basic cleaning tricks that most of us know, such as using club soda and making sure you use a white rag. But are there any new tricks to know about when it comes to keeping a cleaner carpet? Here are some different approaches to try on your carpet.
    Tips for Cleaner Carpet
    1. A Little Shaving Cream, Anyone?

    Shaving cream has been said to remove almost any stain that lands on your carpet. Just coat the area with plain, white shaving cream and let it sit. After about 30 minutes, blot it to remove the shaving cream. When the shaving cream is cleaned up, use a 1:3 mix of vinegar and water to rinse the area.

    2. Dish Soap Gets the Grease Out

    If you have a little bit of grease or oil on your carpet, try a few drops of dish soap on it. Let it sit for a few minutes and then blot it up with a clean cloth. Be sure to rinse thoroughly so the soap doesn’t become a magnet for dirt.

    3. It’s Bloody Easy

    If blood makes its way to your carpet, there are a lot of options for cleaning it up. Hydrogen peroxide is actually the easiest (and most overlooked) remedy. If there is a lot of blood (i.e., more than a few drops), try to remove as much blood as quickly as you can before trying this method. Pouring hydrogen peroxide directly on it will treat what’s left. It will foam and the blood will be gone. Be sure to blot at it when you’re finished to clean any residual stain and to dry the carpet.

    Looking for something even easier than these methods to get dirt, stains, and odor out of your carpet? Professional carpet cleaning will not only spot clean the area but will ensure the complete removal of stains without using resorting to elbow grease, and without the trickery. For the best local carpet cleaners, contact Whitehall today.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, September 24, 2014
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