• Don't Let the Previous Owner's Pets Haunt You: Removing Pet Odors from Your New Home


    Hire professional carpet cleaners to do the dirty work or removing pet odors.

    Purchasing a new home is an exciting time in your life. You can’t wait to move all of your stuff in and hang your ‘home sweet home’ sign up. But, unfortunately, for many home buyers that ‘home sweet home’ sign sometimes should say, ‘home stinky home’.

    Purchasing a home where the previous owners owned several pets can leave you struggling to get rid of the unwanted smell those pets left behind. You know how it goes; you can clean the carpets, wipe down the walls, use cans of air freshener, but those smells keep coming back.

    Whether the pet odor is from urine stains, or a cat marking his territory, dealing with these stains can be frustrating. Many homeowners don’t understand that most cleaning solutions simply clean the surface of the carpet. To get rid of the stains and odors, the carpet needs to be deep cleaned and disinfected.

    Professional carpet cleaners understand the different types of pet stains, and how to get rid of them. If pet odor from the previous owners is a problem in your new home, contact the professional carpet cleaners at Whitehall Carpet and Restoration. They’ll have your new home smelling like ‘home sweet home’ in no time.

    Visit http://www.whitehallcarpetcleaners.com/make-an-appointment.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, January 16, 2013
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