• Eliminate Odors and Manage Allergies with Mattress Cleaning


    Professional mattress cleaning stops odors and dust mites.

    For allergy sufferers, dust mites and pet dander can cause many health risks. Not many home owners are aware that pesky dust mites and other allergens are found in their mattresses and pillows. Regular professional mattress cleaning will help eliminate dust mites, pet dander and other indoor contaminants that can trigger allergy and other respiratory problems.

    The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air pollutants are a great risk to your health. Animal dander and dust mites are among the indoor pollutants that can cause severe reactions from allergy suffers.

    When you sleep on a mattress that is contaminated with pet dander, fecal matter from dust mites, and other contaminants you may not be aware you are bringing to bed with you, you are at risk of inhaling these contaminants while you’re sleeping.

    To control the allergens and dust mite infestation, you should have your mattress professionally cleaned on a regular basis. By removing these allergens from your mattress, you will be providing a cleaner, healthier, and safer indoor environment for yourself and your family.

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    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, January 02, 2013
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