• How to Help Your Furniture Keep Up With Your Kids and Pets

    The Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Blues

    How to Help Your Furniture Keep Up With Your Kids and Pets
    Carpet and furniture cleaning are a chore that we have all been guilty of ignoring. We want a clean home and office but we don't want to pull out the home shampooer, or worse yet, lug the rented machinery home and back again.

    Home cleaners get messy and expensive due to the screw-on hoses and special detergents. Plus, if we work at home, we miss work while scrubbing stains and dumping dirty water reservoirs.

    But, it has to be done, right? The children are learning to put everything in their mouths, even if they got it off the floor, and people are starting to sniff when they step through the door.

    A Better Solution

    You are not alone in this. For those with an aversion to home cleaners, there is good news. A professional carpet and furniture cleaning service will remove the filth and you won't have to miss work to get the job done.

    • Professional Cleaners Remove Filth

    - Mold and mildew
    - Grease
    - Pet Stains
    - Food Stains
    - Ground-in Dirt

    • Professional services are easier
    • Professionals do all the work
    • They work around any schedule
    • They come as often as we need them
    • Professional services are more cost-effective
    • No expensive detergents
    • No repeat rentals
    • Keeps carpet and furniture looking new
    • Better value for a better job

    Professional cleaners do a better job in half the time, so why not let them handle the mess? Make an appointment now with Whitehall Carpet Cleaners.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, July 10, 2013
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