• How Can I Tell It’s Time to Replace the Carpet for My Business?

    Learn whether you can get help with your current carpet from commercial services, or if it’s time to just replace it.

    Worn Carpet in a Waiting Room

    Commercial services are necessary for your business, but when it comes to the carpet, is there a time when it’s time to say when? There are a few red flags that could indicate it’s time to replace the carpet in your business:

    Stains, Stains, and More Stains

    Do you find that you’re rearranging the furniture in your office or the lobby or the break room? How about putting new displays in the middle of the sales floor? Anything to cover the stains? If this is you, it could be time to address the stains. The first thing to do is call in a professional to assess the issues and treat the damage. If professional cleaning can’t remove the stains, it might be time for new carpet.

    What’s That Smell?

    If your business is high traffic or industrial or even allows pets in the office, your carpet may start to have a certain aroma. If the smell of your carpet is starting to affect the quality of the time you, your employees, and your customers are spending in your business space, it’s time to do something.

    There are lots of things a professional can do to eliminate the odor in your carpet. Treatments, products, and equipment can make all the difference. If not, it’s time to go carpet shopping.

    Increased Allergy Symptoms

    If you’ve noticed your allergy symptoms have gotten worse, it could be that your carpet is holding on to the allergens that bother you the most. Things such as dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, and mold can work their way down into the fibers of the carpet. Good, thorough, regular cleaning with the right products can reduce these allergens significantly. If you’ve done that without relief, it’s either time for a new allergy doctor or time for new carpet.

    Does your business need new carpet or just some good professional cleaning? To find out if commercial services can fix your carpet, contact the team at Whitehall Carpet Cleaners by calling 803-732-3200 or by clicking here.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, December 02, 2015
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