• How Carpet Stretching Can Help Stretch Your Budget

    What’s important to know about carpet stretching?

    How Carpet Stretching Can Help Stretch Your Budget
    No matter how clean or well decorated your house is, a shabby looking carpet will detract from the coziness of any room. Whether it’s a rip, a wave, or a threadbare spot, carpets that take a lot of wear and tear will show the damage over time. This doesn't mean you have to completely ditch your carpet, though. Rather than investing in a new carpet altogether, consider a different approach.

    Carpet stretching is a more cost-effective alternative to total replacement. This service involves a team of skilled professional and a process that looks a lot like how it sounds. Putting tension back into the stretch of the fabric will help smooth out any distortions and give your carpet that springy feeling it had when it was brand new. But how do you know if it’s the right option for you? Here are a couple of warning signs that carpet stretching could be the next step in your decor repair:

    1. Wrinkles, waves, and bulges. These unusual patterns in your carpet are signs that the structural fabric is bunching. When carpets lose the tautness of their original installation, they start to warp in different ways. These imperfections can be easily smoothed with carpet stretching, and your carpet can be restored to near perfect condition.
    2. Rips and seams are a different story. Stretching may not be the right solution when a simple repair can be made in one spot, and might actually tear the carpet even further if done.

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    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, August 28, 2013
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