• How Much Can a Water Damage Specialist Save After a Flood?

    How a water damage specialist can help with flood damage.

    How Much Can a Water Damage Specialist Save After a Flood? Water damage specialists know floods are not an uncommon occurrence, and there are many types of floods that can affect your home or business. From natural disasters to seasonal storms to a broken pipe, floods can cause a lot of stress and a lot of damage.

    Saving your belongings and your home or building after a flood is a primary concern, but doing it all yourself is overwhelming and can be dangerous. That’s why many people hire a water damage specialist when cleaning up after a flood.

    But in reality, how much can a water damage specialist save after a flood? Glad you asked. 

    The Damage Done

    A flood can sweep through your home or office quickly and often without warning. Even a leaky pipe or appliance can create enough water to do damage. The damage water does affects not just your belongings, but the integrity of the structure and your health. Flood water can warp wood, destroy drywall, stain and ruin fabrics and upholstery, and get under flooring and behind walls.

    A water damage specialist understands how water can seep into unseen areas in your home and knows how to treat it. Water extraction done properly keeps the damage to a minimum and dries out the building and your belongings.

    The Danger

    The biggest danger with flood water is mold. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours if the water is left untreated. Mold is dangerous and toxic and can cause a number of health problems, especially in those that have allergies, asthma, or any respiratory ailments. Treating the mold properly is one of the number one ways a flood damage specialist can save your home and your belongings. Getting to the water and treating it as quickly as possible is the best way to prevent the growth of mold to begin with, but if it starts, a flood damage specialist can treat the mold, remove it, and prevent further growth.

    If you’ve had a flood of any size, call a flood damage specialist to be sure you can save your home and your belongings, prevent damage, and prevent the development of dangerous mold. Whitehall Carpet Cleaners are available 24 hours a day to answer your call if you have a flood. Contact us today for quick response!

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, April 02, 2014
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