• How Often Should I Clean My Boat's Upholstery?

    Do you know about specialty cleaning for your boat’s interior?

    If you have a boat, you probably already know about specialty cleaning for the exterior. Keeping the outside of your boat clean is a priority, not only for appearances, but for safety reasons as well. A slippery deck is a risky proposition! But what about the interior? Do you ever consider the cleaning needs of the upholstery? We can get desensitized to how the furniture and fabric looks and feels, but it needs attention just like the rest of the ship.

    Boat Upholstery Cleaning

    Here are some guidelines for boat upholstery cleaning:

    Why Should I Clean the Upholstery?

    There are many reasons to keep your boat interior clean. First, of course, is appearance. If you’re working hard to keep the outside sparkling, why not do the same on the inside? Another reason is safety. With the high levels of humidity on and around the water, there is an increased chance of mold and mildew growth. Regular specialty cleaning will not only get rid of the mold but can prevent future growth.

    How Often Should it be Cleaned?

    Don’t wait until your upholstery is in dire need of specialty cleaning to take action. You should vacuum regularly to get up the dirt, hair, dust, and food before it gets ground into the fibers. Professional cleaning should be done at least once a year. If you have stains, spills, or water issues, specialty cleaning should be done more often.

    Don’t Forget About the Carpet

    If your vessel has carpet in the cabin, it’s just as important to do good routine maintenance on the carpet as it is on your upholstery. It’s also important to have it professionally cleaned, and you can have it done at the same time as your upholstery!

    If you’re doing mid-winter boat cleanup, it’s the perfect time to get the upholstery cleaned before spring boating season kicks into high gear. Make an appointment with Whitehall Carpet Cleaners for specialty cleaning on your boat upholstery today – or call us at 803-732-3200.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, January 21, 2015
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