• How Often Should the Carpets in My Office Be Cleaned?

    When you’re a business owner or you’re managing an office, you rely on commercial services to help you maintain your facility. The challenging part can be figuring out when to schedule what. When it comes to the carpets in your office, here are some considerations to help you determine how often they need to be cleaned.

    What Kind of Business Is It?

    The type of business usually dictates how much traffic your carpet it seeing. If it’s a retail business with lots of customers daily, it’s going to have significantly more wear and tear than a small office with just a few people who come and go. The size of your business and how many people walk on the carpet is an important consideration. The more foot traffic, the more often the carpet needs to be cleaned.

    What Is the Climate Where Your Business Is Located?

    If your business is located in a humid area, you have to be concerned with mold and mildew in addition to general dirt and debris. If you get a lot of rain you can count on lots of moisture and even mud being tracked in as well. If this is the case, more regular cleaning can help keep your carpets looking good and free from mold.

    So How Often Is Often Enough?

    The truth is, it all depends. Carpet cleaning can be done as often as every month or as seldom as every 18 months. Somewhere in between is generally what’s recommended. At a minimum, your office carpets should be cleaned every six months, more if they’re starting to show dirt, stains, and a general lackluster appearance.

    Keeping your office looking great is important for first impressions. Clean carpets can make a huge difference in the appearance of your office to employees and customers alike. For commercial services you can count on to keep your office carpets clean on a regular schedule, contact our team of experts at Whitehall Carpet Cleaners today.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, July 06, 2016
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