• How to Use Commercial Pressure Washing to Fight Pollen Season

    Commercial pressure washing can help fight pollen, believe it or not.

    Commercial pressure washing helps keep your business clean and looking great. It’s one of the primary ways to improve your curb appeal and make customers and potential customers happy to come in your doors. 

    But can it actually help fight pollen season? You bet! Here’s how.

    Tracking It In

    In the spring when pollen is at its highest and most irritating, the blooming trees and flowers let the pollen go into the wind. And where does it settle? Everywhere! Including sidewalks and parking lots, garages and storefronts.

    When people walk through it or touch it, it comes in with them when they come into your business. Commercial pressure washing consistently can help to wash away the pollen and keep it from tracking in on your customers’ feet.

    Keeping It Out

    How to Use Commercial Pressure Washing to Fight Pollen SeasonPollen can stick to many things. We’ve all seen it under windshield wipers, on screens and around walls and doors. And even those not affected by regular allergies can feel irritations from the spring pollen. Commercial pressure washing not only keeps the pollen from getting tracked in, it keeps it from accumulating around your storefront, building, or entrance. Keeping the pollen to a minimum through commercial pressure washing will help keep the irritants away from you and your customers.

    Don’t just rely on commercial pressure washing for keeping your business looking great. Rely on it to keep the pollen at bay! Contact Whitehall Carpet Cleaners for the best results in commercial pressure washing. Click here for more information.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, April 09, 2014
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