• In Between Cleanings: Caring for Your Leather Furniture

    How to care for your leather furniture in between professional cleanings.

    Leather furniture is an investment – a beautiful and durable (with the right care) investment, but an investment nonetheless. Over time, with aging and regular wear and tear, the natural patina of leather even becomes more beautiful.

    In Between Cleanings: Caring for Your Leather FurnitureThat “with the right care” qualification is important, though. Like anything else in your home, leather requires general cleaning and maintenance, as well as occasional deep cleaning. Though deep cleaning should be done by a professional with a proper evaluation, the right tools, and gentle cleaning products, there are simple ways you can care for your leather furniture in between professional cleanings.

    The Basics

    Like the rest of your home and furniture, regular cleaning will keep your leather furniture free from dust and debris, which can damage the surface over time. Luckily, this regular cleaning is really simple. Use a soft dry cloth for dusting and your regular vacuum cleaner attachment to clean in the crevices and folds of the leather and under and around the pillows, arms, and legs.

    Spills and Spots

    When spills occur on your leather furniture, don’t panic! The first thing to do is wipe up the excess liquid immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Don’t let the spill sit on the leather.

    If the spill is sticky or leaves a film or residue, lightly moisten a cloth with plain water and gently clean the area. Do not soak the area, as too much water or long exposure to water can damage the leather. Allow the area to air dry.

    It’s very important that you don’t use soap, detergents, or other cleaning agents when cleaning your leather furniture. Professional cleaners use specialized products for cleaning, and household cleaners could damage or stain the leather or could take out some of the color.


    You’ll also want to take more long-term steps to protect your leather furniture. First, avoid direct sun exposure. Sunlight can cause the leather to fade. Place leather furniture where sunlight does not come in the windows and shine directly on it.

    Second, use a good leather conditioner on your leather furniture every 6-12 months. Experts recommend the conditioner to keep the leather from drying out and cracking or becoming weak.

    Professional cleaning is essential to the longevity of your leather furniture. Professional cleaning removes the built up dirt and grime, as well as the rubbed-in dirt, that can take a toll on your furniture and shorten its lifespan, as well as take away from its beauty. However, taking some simple steps to care for it in between professional cleanings can ensure the life and appearance of your leather furniture.

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    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, January 08, 2014
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