• Is Carpet Steam Cleaning the Best Way to Clean My Carpets?

    Why steam is picking up steam when it comes to upholstery and carpet cleaning.

    Cleaning Dirty Carpet

    Upholstery and carpet cleaning is one of the ways you keep your home clean and healthy. Steam cleaning is one of the most popular ways upholstery and carpets are cleaned these days, and there are some compelling reasons why.

    Steam Cleaning Explained

    When carpet or upholstery is cleaned using steam, it’s actually a hot water extraction method that’s being used. Special cleaning equipment sprays hot water, sometimes mixed with cleaning products or chemicals, onto your carpet or upholstered furniture.

    As the water is sprayed onto the carpet or fabric, it works to dissolve and dislodge the dirt, debris, and grime that has worked its way in. At the same time the water is being sprayed, a high-powered vacuum pulls the water back out of the carpet or fabric, and takes all of the dirt with it.

    The Benefits of Steam

    In addition to being an effective way to clean furniture and flooring, steam has other advantages as well. One of these benefits is its treatment of mold and bacteria. The temperature of the water works to kill bacteria, fungus, mold, and even dust mites, leaving your carpet and furniture clean while also making your home a healthier place to be.

    The pressure of the water and the steam helps to get deep down into the fibers to get all of the ground in dirt and dust. The intensity of the suction on the vacuums helps ensure that most of the water and moisture is removed from your furniture or carpet at the time of cleaning. This way you don't have to wait for days for it to be dry.

    Steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways to clean. To make an appointment to have your upholstery and carpet cleaning done with steam, contact our pros at Whitehall Carpet Cleaning.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, March 23, 2016
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