• Pet Hair Removal: Everyday Vacuuming Tips for Pet Owners

    Pet hair removal is possible with these tips.

    You adore your pet, but you can do without all the pet hair camouflaging your carpets and furniture. You just can't seem to brush fast enough to keep pace with all the shedding fur. Pet hair removal is no fun, but unless you want to drown in a mess of Fido’s fur, you have to do something about it. These vacuuming tips should help you get started.
    Pet Hair Removal: Everyday Vacuuming Tips for Pet Owners
    Use an upright vacuum. If you don't want to pay the extra money for a specialty pet vacuum, an upright is your best bet. This kind of vacuum works better than cylinders because the rotating brush heads move the dog and cat hair away from the carpet fibers as it draws them up.

    Use a hand held vacuum. These vacuums are handy when it comes to removing pet hair from the cracks and crevices of couches and chairs. In addition, a hand held vacuum is portable, so you can use it to clean the loose fur in your car as well.

    Vacuum the dog. Before you vacuum your carpet, run the attachment hose across your pet's coat. This will help remove any loose pet hair before it has a chance to make camp on the carpet. Your pet will enjoy having his fur massaged with the vacuum hose.

    Get regular carpet cleanings. Animal fur has dirt and natural oils that transfers to your carpet and furniture when it sheds. Daily vacuuming removes the pet hair, but it does little to remove the ground in oils and dirt. Professional carpet cleaning is the most effective way to remove the remnants of loose fur.

    Don't live another day drowning in dog or cat hair. Contact Whitehall Carpet Cleaners to make an appointment today.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, October 09, 2013
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