• 4 Pet Hair Removal Tips and Tricks


    What to do when your furniture is starting to look as hairy as your pets.

    Do you have pets? Nearly 44% of American households have at least one dog, and an estimated 35% have cats, so chances are good you're among them. If you are, you know their hair can become a permanent fixture in your life and your home. The presence of hair is unavoidable, but there are some tips and tricks for getting it off your furniture and your floors. Here are four of them.

    Number One: Rubber Gloves Aren’t Just for Cleaning Toilets

    A clean pair of rubber gloves can work wonders for getting pet hair off your upholstery and other surfaces. Put them on, get them slightly wet, and then run your hands over the hairy areas. The damp gloves will pick up the hair. Simply rinse it off and keep going.

    Number Two: A Dust Rag Can Be Your Best Friend

    A simple rag can often just push dust and hair around, but a rag with anti-static dusting spray or furniture polish on it will pick up hair from wood and other smooth surfaces. The anti-static factor will help keep hair from sticking again. For now.

    Number Three: Vacuum Once, Then Vacuum Again

    Vacuuming is key to keeping your carpets from turning into fur mats, but the trick is to do it twice. Pet hair can lie down along the fibers of the carpet, making them hard to pick up with a vacuum. Go once in one direction, and then go back in an alternate direction to help loosen those stubborn hairs.

    Number Four: Don’t Forget to Clean

    Even if you get the hair up, all that pet dander and dirt from their fur is still laying on your furniture and your carpets. Professional cleaning can get up the hidden fur you can't see while getting your flooring and upholstery clean and dirt-free.

    Contact the team at Whitehall Carpet Cleaners for comprehensive pet treatment of your furniture and carpets.

    By: Matt Lashway Friday, December 15, 2017
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