• Pet Stains: When to Call a Pro

    dog pet stains

    When dealing with pet stains in your carpet, when is the time to call in a professional?

    Pet stains are an unfortunate, but all too real, side effect that comes with owning a furry friend. These stains are not only unsightly, but they can also contain foul odors that nobody wants to smell. Pet stains can be more plentiful at certain times and with certain pets, especially if you have a new pet that is in the process of being house broken.

    While pet stains are not too hard to deal with as long as you get to them in a timely manner, they can build up in a hurry and leave you with a mess that might be a bit overwhelming. However, ignoring pet stains isn’t an option. While you’re training your pet to potty where you want it to, you need to have a plan for handling accidents and protecting your home.

    At a certain point, you may have to come to grips with the fact that you need to consult with a pro. The telltale signs that you will see, letting you know a pro is needed include:

    • Increasing number of pet stains
    • Pet stains that won’t come out of your carpet easily
    • Odors left behind even when the pet stain seems to be gone

    If you are finding that your pet stain problem is getting to be too much to handle on your own, you don’t have to get rid of your favorite furry friend. Instead, you can look to a pro for help with the immediate matter and guidance in dealing with the problem moving forward.

    For more information on dealing with pet stains, call Whitehall Cleaners today at 803-732-3200.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, December 26, 2012
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