• 3 Tile Cleaning Tips We Love


    Have you tried to get your tile looking bright and clean, to no avail? That's because cleaning tile and the grout in between can be a struggle and a challenge. What are some tile cleaning tips you can use? Take a look at three we love:

    Tip #1: Vacuum and Sweep

    The first step to clean tile is vacuuming and sweeping regularly. Sweeping can get the big stuff up, and vacuuming can help rid the floor of the small particles of dirt and dust that work their way down into the grout and make it look dirty.

    Tip #2: Mop It Up, Regularly

    Mopping is important to keeping your floors clean and protecting the tile. Use something mild, like a vinegar and water solution, and a soft mop as often as necessary to make sure you don't have spills and stains that can discolor the tile and the grout. It will help keep your house clean and make it easier to maintain the tile.

    Tip #3: Don’t Forget Professional Cleaning

    Lots of homeowners plan to have their carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year, but don't forget that your tile needs expert care, too. Everyday maintenance is critical, but professional cleaning can get the grout lines clean, shine and polish the surface of the tile, and protect it from abuse over time.

    One way to keep your tile looking great is to take care of it daily with simple cleaning steps. But professional cleaning is the way to make it shine to keep it looking like new. For tile cleaning you can count on, contact our team of experts at Whitehall Carpet Cleaners today.

    By: Matt Lashway Friday, July 28, 2017
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