• 4 Tips from the Experts for Extending the Life of Your Furniture


    When you spend your hard earned dollars on quality furniture, you want it to last. Instead of throwing in the towel and replacing your pieces every few years, here are four simple tips from the experts that can extend the life of your furniture:

    Tip #1: The Vacuum Isn’t Just for the Floor

    Vacuuming your furniture is essential to giving it a long life. Dirt and dust can work their way down into the fibers of the upholstery and make it look dull and drab. It can also wear down the fabric, so it tears and thins more easily. Vacuuming your furniture every time you vacuum your floor can help keep out that pesky damaging dirt.

    Tip #2: Spot Clean

    Spills happen, and when they do, clean them up as quickly as possible. Spot cleaning can help keep spills from turning into permanent stains. Use water and a soft white cloth to dab at the spill. Be gentle and don't scrub, as that can damage the fabric.

    Tip #3: Avoid the Sun

    Sun damage can happen to your furniture. If you can avoid it, don't put your upholstered furniture in direct sun. It will make the fabric fade and create discolored areas, making it look old before its time.

    Tip #4: Professional Cleaning

    Regular upkeep will help keep your couch and chairs in good shape, but professional cleaning is also important. When you have your carpets cleaned, have your upholstered furniture done at the same time. It can get out any deep down dirt, remove stains and protect the fabric so it will look great and last longer.

    You don't have to send your furniture off every few years because it looks old. Contact our team of experts at Whitehall Carpet Cleaning for everything you need to extend the life of your furniture.

    By: Matt Lashway Friday, July 07, 2017
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