• Upholstery Cleaning to Extend the Life of Your Sofa

    Upholstery cleaning is an excellent way to help your sofa survive the wrath of your children and pets.

    Upholstery Cleaning to Extend the Life of Your Sofa

    Upholstery cleaning is one of those things we all need. Though we all want to blame our stained up sofa on others, let's face it, who among us hasn't spilled a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on our sofa at some point?

    While it might be tempting to follow the upholstery cleaning advice you find online, you never really know whether your efforts will backfire or pay off. Some of the home remedies detailed online are actually toxic concoctions you should never use in your home or near your family or pets.

    Other home-brewed upholstery cleaning solutions are more likely to damage your furniture than clean it. The biggest problem then, is that while a professional cleaner could have salvaged your furniture if you had called right away, the DIY blend you used caused irreparable damage.

    We see this all the time! The best advice we can give is to call us as soon as you notice a spill or stain, and let us come see what should be done.

    Of course, you don’t need to wait until someone spills something on your furniture to have upholstery cleaning done. As with everything else on your home maintenance list, regular attention is the best way to prolong the life of your belongings.

    Keeping your sofa looking fresh and clean can be an easy task for you if you have a reliable and trustworthy upholstery cleaner to call. That would be Whitehall Carpet! Schedule your appointment online here: http://www.whitehallcarpetcleaners.com/make-an-appointment

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, May 15, 2013
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