• 3 Ways Mattress Cleaning Can Help You Stay Healthier


    How can mattress cleaning improve your health?

    What’s the big deal about mattress cleaning? Not only can it make you feel better because you know it’s clean, it feels clean, and it smells clean, but it can actually help you stay healthier. Here are three ways it helps:

    #1: What’s in Your Mattress?

    The truth is, your mattress collects more than just dust. Your mattress can, over time, be a collection point for sweat, dead skin cells, dirt, and even dust mites. Regular vacuuming can help get the stuff off the surface, but over time, these things can work their way down into the mattress itself. Professional cleaning is the only way to get out the dirt, dust, and grime.

    #2: How’s Your Shut-Eye Been?

    Studies have shown that a dirty mattress can actually affect the quality of the sleep you get on a nightly basis. Are you feeling fatigued? Tired? Sleepy? Run down? These could all be side effects of sleeping on a mattress that hasn’t seen professional cleaning. Having your mattress deep cleaned can help you sleep better, feel better, and be healthier.

    #3: Addressing Those Allergies

    The dust and dust mites, as well as pet hair and dander, that get into your mattress can really do a number on your allergies. Not only can you have itchy eyes and nose, irritated sinuses, and scratchy throat, but you could be experiencing skin rashes and other irritations. The best way to avoid these pesky allergy symptoms is to have your mattress professionally cleaned.

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    By: Matt Lashway Thursday, March 01, 2018
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