• Wears, Tears, and Set-In Stains: How to Clean the Mommy-Daddy Van

    We all know what it’s like to have a clean car interior. It changes your drive, makes being in traffic seem a little more bearable, makes the music sound a little better.

    But cleaning the inside of your car is a whole different story, especially if you are the owner/driver of a mommy-daddy van. The dirt, debris and stains in a mommy-daddy van are a challenge all their own. Here are some tips on car upholstery cleaning in a vehicle that regularly shuttles children.

    Wears, Tears, and Set-In Stains: How to Clean the Mommy-Daddy VanUse the Right Tools

    A powerful vacuum is a must for car flooring and car upholstery cleaning. A shop-vac is even better. Getting down in the nooks and crannies to suck out the crackers, pretzels, shredded paper, forgotten stickers, and pet hair is the first step to getting that minivan spic and span.

    Use the Right Products

    Stain removal is pretty high on the priority list when cleaning a family van. Sometimes it’s milk, other times it’s formula, or it might be juice or dirt from muddy feet. Heck, it might even be melted crayon.

    Whatever it is, use the right products to ensure the best car upholstery cleaning results. Sometimes just a rag with water is the best solution, especially on leather seats. Hairspray or rubbing alcohol can help if you have an ink stain. A vinegar and water, or vinegar/detergent/water solution can help loosen some stains so they come out. Store-bought upholstery cleaner often works on tougher stains. Acidic stains from children or pets can be treated with club soda to neutralize the acid. Be careful when choosing a product and be sure to consider the material you’re using it on.

    When even your elbow grease or the car wash can’t get out a stain, though, you should consider getting a car upholstery cleaning from the experts at Whitehall. We have the tools and experience to get even the nastiest stains out of car upholstery.

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, November 20, 2013
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