• What You Can Do When Air Fresheners and Candles Can't Cover Up That Smell

    Got odors even strong air fresheners can’t beat?

    What You Can Do When Air Fresheners and Candles Can't Cover Up That Smell
    Have you ever noticed how some carpets hold onto an odor? No matter how many scented candles we use, or how much we use spray, there is still that stink!

    Unfortunately, candles and sprays only mask odor, and sometimes the problem is compounded when the mist from the spray lands on the carpet. Rather than decreasing the odor, it combines with and enhances it. Scented candles do the same thing, and once they are out, odor is on.

    Most carpets are made of synthetic fibers that absorb stains and odor. The best thing to do is invest in a stain resistant (even though it is rather expensive) brand of carpet. These have built-in guards that stand up to heavy duty cleaning when removing stains.

    The next best solution is deep carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning companies have special solutions made to disintegrate dirt and stain that cause odor to cling. You want to know in advance how much they charge and whether they do the entire carpet, or just the affected area. These companies also provide tips for clean carpet maintenance and odor elimination.

    Carpet cleaning companies supply special solutions that kill odors on the spot. Odor causing agents have enzymes that hold bad smells in place. By removing the enzymes, the stains and bad smells will also disappear. Special equipment is provided to rid carpets of stains, odors, and germs that can harm the household.

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    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, July 17, 2013
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