• Why to Get Your Upholstery Cleaned with Your Carpet

    Consider the importance of upholstery cleaning.

    Have you done your spring cleaning yet? There’s something about spring and the promise of summer that makes us want to clean out our spaces, get rid of the junk, and do a deep clean. That cleaning often includes our floors and carpets. But what about our furniture?
    Why to Get Your Upholstery Cleaned with Your Carpet
    Here are some reasons to get your upholstery cleaned along with your carpet.

    We Take Our Couches For Granted

    We walk on our floors every day, we sleep in our beds, and we sit on our couch. When it comes to keep those clean, we wash our sheets and get the carpets and mattresses professionally cleaned. But what about that couch?

    If you think about it, our couches really take a beating throughout the year. People, food, pets, and drinks all spend time on the fabric of your couch. It’s time to stop taking our couches for granted and get then cleaned. Upholstery cleaning on your couch is a great way to keep your well-loved furniture looking, and smelling, like new.

    Stain Desensitization

    That’s a real thing. When there’s a stain on our upholstery, we usually do our best to get it out right then and there. And then we sort of forget about it. The longer it sits, the more we become desensitized to it. But professional upholstery cleaning can get those stains out so you can stop pretending they aren’t there. Get it done when your carpets are getting cleaned. The professionals are there anyway.

    The Nose Knows

    Just as your clothes, towels, linens, and carpets can hold odors, so can your upholstered furniture. When you’re getting your carpets cleaned, also get your upholstery cleaned. It’s the best way to get your home smelling fresh, feeling clean and ready for summer.

    Do some one-stop-shopping and get your carpets cleaned and your upholstery cleaned at the same time. Call Whitehall Carpet Cleaning, your leader in carpet and upholstery cleaning, and make an appointment today. 803-732-3200

    By: Matt Lashway Wednesday, May 28, 2014
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