Whitehall team

Matt Lashway

I was born in upstate New York, we moved to South Carolina at a very young age so I consider myself a true South Carolinian raised with the morals and values of a good ol’ boy. I graduated from Midlands Technical College in 1985 for Machine Tool Technology. In the beginning of the summer months in 1986, I began Whitehall Carpet Cleaners. By the end of the summer, I was enrolled at the University of South Carolina and soon thereafter I found it hard to juggle both school and my business. I then decided to jump out on a leap of faith and stayed where my heart belonged, Whitehall Carpet Cleaners. Over time I found most people did not like the idea of cleaning their carpet themselves, so I found this as a good opportunity to grow and create a company that performed this service with the quality and expectations they deserved. With one van and the determination to succeed at providing people with a level of service that was above their expectations I grew a company slow enough to give myself time to find people, like myself, who shared the same values and desires to want excellence. From the first to the last person I hired, we are all strung on one common thread to serve people first with excellence and determination. There are many challenges to be faced when finding the right people that I trust to send into clients homes, which is why we are a company that is based on a “slowly but surely” aspect of business. In an effort to excel in my career path, I became a member of several organizations where I then became certified in carpet cleaning and restoration. I am just a regular guy doing one job at time with what God grants me. My wife, Maria and I share three beautiful kids together: Chris, Collin, and Elizabeth. Chris, my son, is one of the lead technicians for the company and is also following in my footsteps learning the trade of carpet cleaning and restoration. When time permits, I enjoy spending time with my family, grilling, scuba diving, playing the acoustic guitar, and watching good ol’ South Carolina football, and the Chicago Bears.