Car Carpet & Upholstery

Zap stains, freshen, and kill bacteria, mold and mildew embedded in your car carpet and upholstery

car upholstery Our professional cleaning of your vehicle’s interior ensures bacteria, grime, mold and mildew are nothing more than a memory. To accomplish this, we utilize a truck mounted cleaning system with a special upholstery tool. It performs exceptionally well with a car’s interior because of its petite size, and its powerful vacuuming and steaming abilities. For vehicles with leather interior, we offer a three step process that will leave your upholstery looking pristine.

The frequency in which you should get your car’s carpet and upholstery cleaned varies by each individual, but do you really want street sludge and rainwater soaking into your interiors? Unless you enjoy the smell of must and mildew, then the answer is probably not. Once you have your car’s interior cleaned the difference is remarkable. We will return your car to you with an almost-new appearance and fresh interior smell.