Mattress Cleaning

Professionally clean and dryout your mattress to get a better night's sleep

pet and urine stains/odorWhen was the last time your mattress professionally cleaned and allowed to dryout? Never? Well when you spend an average one-third of your life in bed, you might be well overdue for a good mattress cleaning. Mattress cleaning means more than simply cleaning and changing the sheets or flipping the mattress. Mattress cleaning is a deep down total cleaning and mattress dryout that completely restores your mattress to like-new condition. Whitehall Carpet Cleaners and Restoration has been helping customers enjoy a good night’s sleep for over 26 years now, and we can help you as well.

Unseen Reasons for Mattress Cleaning

While visible stains are an obvious reason to get your mattress cleaned, there are also unseen problems that might warrant getting your mattress cleaned:

Mattress Cleaning Done Right

pet and urine stains/odorAt Whitehall Carpet Cleaners and Restoration, we have a very thorough and specific way in which we tackle mattress cleaning. Our mattress cleaning process is all inclusive and can consist of pretreatment, deep cleaning, sanitizing, odor elimination, and a thorough dryout. No matter how overdue your mattress may be for a cleaning, we can help.

Once your mattress is cleaned, you will swear it is brand new. A cleaned mattress allows you to enjoy a restful night’s sleep once again. If your mattress is overdue for a cleaning, allow the experts at Whitehall Carpet Cleaners and Restoration to serve your mattress cleaning needs.

For more information on the importance of mattress cleaning, please make an appointment or call us at 803-732-3200.